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Lamspeed Racing / BCL Distribution PTY PTD - New Australian Record Holder! Australia's Fastest and Quickest Audi RS3 Period!

Our Audi RS3 product development and Australian Record Journey!

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Lamspeed Racing - Australian Sole Distributor for Linden Power Systems, LPSFAB Products!

We are excited to announce that we are the Australian Sole Distributor and stockist of Linder Power Systems - lpsfab products!

We currently stock the following sizes of their AlphaLoc Couplers:

All Prices are RRP Inclusive of GST. Wholesale is welcome.

2.5" - $220
3" - $240
3.5" - $260
4" - $280

(2" and below sizes will be readily available in the near future)

Our new AlphaLoc intercooler and coolant tube couplers. At Linder Power Systems we believe in thinking outside the box and constantly reinventing ourselves and our products. These new AlphaLoc couplers for your aluminium tube connecting needs are no different, they are unlike anything currently available on the market. They are a spring loaded assembly with a fast thread and locking detent, they use double o-ring sealing, don't need any tools to disassemble or reassemble, they can't get stuck, they lock harder as pressure increases, they still have flex to allow for engine movement, we have tested them to 160psi without failure, and we are very proud of the design and aesthetics.

Benefits over other competitor products:
* No tools needed to remove and install!!
* Faster than any other coupler for removal and installation
* Can't get stuck
* The more pressure built in the charge pipe the harder they lock
* These couplers still allow for flex to accommodate for engine movement.


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OFFICIAL RELEASE! Lamspeed Racing newest products to hit the Market as of NOW!

We have heard our client's plea and have responded! We are proud to announce the newest products to our range.

Lamspeed Racing 3.5" TI-R Series GR1 Titanium and SS304 Stainless steel catback exhaust to suit Mitsubishi Evo 7-9 CT9A ready to go!

This is the OFFICIAL release of our newest product as tested on the Micks Motorsport 1300hp Evo 8!

Weighing in at only
5.3kg for Titanium and 9kg for Stainless steel.

LSR 3.5" SS304 Stainless steel catback - $1298 inc GST

LSR 3.5" TI-R Series GR1 Titanium catback - $2310 inc GST

Not only this, but we have released a true 3" SS304 Decat/test pipe for the Mitsubishi Evo 4-6 and revised the Mitsubishi Evo 10 decat/test pipe.

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Mick's Motorsports Mitsubishi Evolution 8 - BAGDAD

It's been a long time coming and the Mick's Motorsport 1200hp 4G64 Mitsubishi Evo 8 was only finished recently.

A true full weighted street car, driven to and from the track. It's first pass at the 1/4 mile under testing conditions managed a 9.9 @ 159mph.

Once a bit more fine tuning is done, this machine will be heading out to break some records.

This Evo is equipped with our Lamspeed Racing prototype CT9A Evo 7-9 3.5" V band GR1 Titanium catback exhaust.

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Lamspeed Racing Major sponsored Evo 6 AKA Big Mez Debut at the 2016 Power Cruise

Power Cruise 2016 - Big Mez Evo 6 Debut

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