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Brad Penn 20w50 Engine Oil

Brad Penn 20w50 Engine Oil


Brad Penn Motor Oil.

Sold as a case of 12 Quarts or a single quart. 1 Quart = 0.946353L

ARG's refinery and blending and packaging operations are ISO 9001:2000 certified. The Bradford refinery was the first in the United States to carry the ISO 9002 certification.

Please Note: Penn Grade 1 High Performance Oils contain high zinc and phosphorous additive concentrations which can be detrimental to cars and trucks with catalytic converters.

Partial Synthetic SAE 20W-50:
Designed to offer higher performance engines the cold temperature operational benefits of an SAE 20W engine oil while providing the desired film strength; sealing abilities; bearing, crankshaft, piston ring and valvetrain component anti-wear protection of an SAE 50 weight oil at normal engine operating temperatures.

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