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Forced Performance Evo 9 Stock Frame FP Black 82HTZ Turbocharger

Forced Performance Evo 9 Stock Frame FP Black 82HTZ Turbocharger


All EVO 9 turbos will now come standard with our new cast stainless turbine housing. This turbine housing has been designed to maximize flow while not sacrificing spool characteristics. It has a 3" outlet and has a Turbosmart 40mm (Compgate 40) waste gate flange machined directly onto the housing.


  • Compressor wheel - 82HTZ
  • Flow rating - 68LB per minute
  • CW Measurements - 59.1MM Inducer / 82MM Exducer
  • TW Measurements - 67.3MM Inducer / 58.8MM Exducer
  • Compressor Housing - 84MM Flow Advancement Port Cover
  • Turbine Housing - FP Stainless EVO 9 Turbine Housing
  • CHRA - FP Journal Bearing
  • Oil Line - Not Included - Required for proper lubrication.

The FP Black has long been the benchmark in the stock appearing EVO IX market propelling the platform into the low 9's and into and beyond the 600WHP territory all while passing itself off as a stock turbo. It's a potent combination of a 67MM turbine wheel mated with our 82HTA compressor wheel for a flow rating of 68LB per minute and a ton of fun in your EVO.

The FP EVO Stainless Turbine Housing was designed for race applications where the turbocharger would be operating above 20psi. Attempting to operate below 20PSI can result in boost creep in some applications.

Capable of 450-500kw at the wheels.

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