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Motul Gear FF-LSD Type II Gear/Differential Oil 75W90 1L

Motul Gear FF-LSD Type II Gear/Differential Oil 75W90 1L


Lubricant for Transmission and differential with mechanical LSD

100% Synthetic — Complex Ester

Specially designed for FF (Front-engine / Front-drive) type transmission with mechanical LSD (Limited
Slip Differential) system cars. Suitable for all transmission (synchronized or non-synchronized), 6-speed transmission, gearbox with differential, transfer gearbox and hypoid differentials with or without LSD. All types of cars: Circuit, Group A, Rally, Gymkhana, Tuned, 4WD.

STANDARDS : API GL-5, 100% synthetic with complex ester, Outstanding oil film resistance at high temperature, excellent anti wear protection. Stay in 90 grade after KRL 20 hours shear test as required by SAE J306 proves excellent shear stability and keeping viscosity. Superior fluidity at low temperature and thermal stability at high temperature. Special EP additive: Keeping extreme pressure performance and preventing the abrasive wear. Optimized friction modifier: Smooth gear shifting and appropriate torque transferring on LSD. Stable frictional performance at lower through higher temperature. 

Oil change: According to manufacturer’s recommendations and to be adapted according to your own use.

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