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Motul H-Tech 100 Plus 10W40

Motul H-Tech 100 Plus 10W40


100% Synthetic 



 Designed to provide ultimate level of performance especially for recent gasoline engine designs. 

Suitable for turbo or naturally aspirated gasoline engines, equipped with catalytic converters. 


Suitable for all gasoline engines using leaded or unleaded gasoline, LPG, Autogas fuel. 

All driving conditions : City, Road, Highway. 





Designed to meet the new API SN specifications. Provides exceptional engine protection. 

Formulated with latest technology to ensure emission control systems durability. The high 

performance anti-wear additive results in reduction of engine internal frictions and increases 

engine life duration by reducing wear. 

Excellent anti-oxidation preventing premature oil thickening and ageing due to thermal stress. 

Very efficient anti-deposit and anti-black sludge power which maintains a clean engine. 

Anti-corrosion, Anti-foam properties. 

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