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Radium Black Fuel Rail kit suit Mitsubishi EVO Lancer X with no hose

Radium Black Fuel Rail kit suit Mitsubishi EVO Lancer X with no hose



The EVO X Billet Fuel Rail features a large 0.69" ID bore to suit even the most fuel hungry engines. The rail is CNC machined from solid 6061 aluminum and black dipped anodized for a high quality surface finish. It is compatible with all fuel types including popular alcohol mixtures such as E85.

The Radium fuel rail is the first and only on the market to support an (optional) fuel pulsation damper. The opening and closing of the injectors creates pressure pulses in the fuel rail, which can lead to unstable fuel pressure. In order to achieve a safe and consistent rail pressure, a pulse damper should be used (especially with high flow injectors). The internal diaphragm will absorb oscillation pulses and stabilize fuel pressure. This correction can be measured throughout the RPM range and can often help an erratic surging idle.

The inlet end port uses 3/4"-16 female threads (-8AN O-ring port) which accepts a variety of adapter fittings for custom high flow fuel system builds. The opposite end port is 3/8" NPT female which permits the use of the stock FPR (using optional adapter) or the optional pulse damper, as described below. The top surface port also uses 3/4-16" female threads (-8AN O-ring port). Both configurations, described below, come standard with a plug for the top port. 

Unlike others on the market, the Radium fuel rail has M6x1.0 threaded bosses to mount the OEM fuel pressure regulator return hard line. Stainless steel fasteners are included to replace all OEM hardware.  



Aftermarket Configuration
This option does NOT include the Radium 14-0125 FPR Billet Adapter and thus it is not compatible with the OEM FPR. Instead, it utilizes a fuel injector Pulsation Damper for the 3/8" NPT port on the end of the rail. This setup requires an externally mounted regulator, such as the Radium Engineering MPR sold separately. For flexibility, it also includes -6AN and -8AN male adapters that can be used on either the inlet or top 3/4"-16 ports. Custom lines such as PTFE hoses (sold separately) will be required.

OEM Configuration
This option includes everything required to simply unbolt and replace the OEM fuel rail. First, an 14-0144 5/16" SAE to -6AN Male fitting is included to adapt the incoming fuel line to -6AN near the firewall. Next, a pre-fabricated ethanol compliant 23" long -6AN PTFE hose with a 90deg ends (one swiveling) is included to replace the OEM fuel line. The Radium 14-0125 FPR Adapter is included for the 3/8" NPT female end of the rail. This adapter allows for the use of the OEM fuel pressure regulator.

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